Modern Tribalism

Modern Tribalism

I am an exhaustive reader. I just completed Dr. Amy Chua's article in Foreign Affairs, Tribal World-Group Identity is All. It strikes me as the most astute separation of the symptoms and the pathology of our times.

I have spent most of my adult life (30 years) as an expatriate (Germany, Venezuela, Netherlands, Chile, Colombia and now Mexico). I have always been accepted as different (other) but still have been welcomed and I have made many friends. I have traveled to over 85 countries, mostly on business. For example, I traveled to the USSR and all of the Satellites in the 70's and from 2000 to 2005 visited as a consultant many of the Muslim countries, including Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Turkey, Yemen, Jordan, the Emirates and Egypt. My treatment in those countries was unexceptionable.

I have served in the Marine Corps Reserve and the Regular US Army with pride and with lifetime attachment. I am a fan of my University of Oregon athletics and the San Francisco 49ers (in the Joe Montana era). Tribalism?

But in the course of those years I have learned and accepted the fact that MY TRIBE IS THE HUMAN RACE!

Carefully examining the world around us, we have much more in common than with those things which separate us.

I don't expect all of my compatriots to share my views.  In fact I suspect that very few anywhere in this world of seven and a half billion will.  But if we, the United States, want to set an example for the rest of the world, we could do far worse than consider Dr. Chua the next foreign policy advisor to the president. 

Dr. Amy Chua’s article can be found

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